Hostel Facility

Hostel Facility: Students from class IV can avail the hostel facility. Independence might be one of the amazing gifts that parents can place on their kids’ hands. The hostel is the place where students can experience a new phase in their lives with good learning. The school keeps the safety on the top of our priority list. The warden at the hostel takes care of students’ progress and academic record. Cleanliness and hygiene both are important for all students to lead a healthy life. It’s an essential ethic of sound living at Buddha Public School hostel. The hostel facility ensures cleanliness and proper water supply.

  • Kitchen and Dining: Good nutrition is an essential part of leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. The hostel is equipped with dining facility with proper sanitation. The residential teachers take the meal with students at the same place so that they could develop a good rapport among themselves.
  • Infirmary: Infirmary: The school realises that the students’ health is of the foremost importance. The hostel grips an infirmary with well-trained staff.
  • Dairy: The school runs its own dairy so that the children can grab good and reliable nutrition. For good health and wellbeing, a balanced diet
    plays an essential role.

Dining Facility:

The Dining Hall is conveniently and easily accessible from the various hostel blocks. Food is prepared in strict hygienic conditions under the supervision of mess manager. Direct involvement of the students has been established in the process of defining the weekly menus. The residential teachers take their meals in the dining hall which helps them become familiar with the student’s activities and concerns.

Rules and Regulations for School Hostel:

1. Reporting

All boarders must report at the hostel at least 24 hrs before the reopening of the school after summer vacation, in case of other breaks and holidays, if they go away, they should be back on the evening by 6:00 pm before the school reopens. For any contravention of this, student may be liable to due action.

2. Telephone Calls

The facility of making calls to the boarders should be availed by the parents as per the schedule only if it is urgent.

Saturday : 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Sunday : 7:30 am to 11:00 am & 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm

(Student’s availability on Sunday is subject to day’s schedule)

3. Visits & Exits

  • Parents/Local guardians are requested to visit/meet their wards only on days specified between 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm only.
  • Local Exeat will be granted only to those students whose parents and authorized local guardians are in station.. The Hostel Warden is employed to grant leave to Boarders on exeat days.

4. List of Clothing and other Requirements

All the items of clothing should be embroidered with the name of the pupil before he is sent to the hostel. A list of the articles of clothing brought by the child should also be given to the warden.

Since the articles of clothing are supposed to wear out, they must also be replaced timely.

Items to be brought from Home

  • Night suit Cotton – 2 sets
  • Black and White socks- 4 pairs each
  • Pullovers (half & full sleeves) – 1 each
  • Bath Towels- 2 pieces
  • Hand Towels – 2 pieces
  • Black Rounded Shoes (Bata)- 1 pair
  • White P.T. Shoes- 1 pair
  • Bathroom Slippers – 1 pair
  • Tooth Brush – 5 units
  • Tooth Paste – 2 units
  • Combs – 3 units
  • Thick sole Sports Shoes – 1 pair
  • Hair Oil Bottles- 1 unit
  • Face Cream, Hand Cream – 1 each
  • Talcum Powder – 1 unit
  • Shoe Shine (Black & White) – 1 unit each
  • Nail Scissors – 1 set
  • Bath Soap – 4 units
  • Surf & Rin – 2 units each
  • Handkerchiefs – 6 units
  • School Bag – 1 unit
  • Civil Dress – 3 Sets only
  • Plastic Mug – 1 unit
  • Steel Glass – 1 unit
  • Bedding – 1 unit
  • Undergarments – 6 sets
  • Torch – 1 unit
  • Track Suit – 2 sets
  • Summer Uniform for Games & P.T. – 2 sets