Buddha Public School


Buddha Public School, Bahraich has the state -of the- art laboratories that are equipped with the latest and most modern facilities. Each year, some old labs are renovated and new equipment added while other new ones are added to the school infrastructure, all in a continuous drive to keep the school labs at the fore-front of new and emerging technologies in every single field.

Keeping in tune with modern times, the school ensures that practical knowledge is placed on an equal footing with theoretical knowledge for the all-round development of the students. For this purpose, the school has laboratories in numerous disciplines, which provide in-depth knowledge to its pupils. The student-friendly atmosphere in these laboratories helps to enrich the overall personality of the students through motivation and reinforcement.

Computer Laboratory :The campus has a well furnished computer laboratory accessible to students during and after school hours with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum.  The laboratories cater to students learning C++ in classes XI and XII & general programming with Computer literacy for all classes.

 At the Web Resource Center, there is an easy Internet accessibility available to the faculty members and to the students. Enterprising students get a chance to gain familiarity with the Internet and are also able to do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations.

Mathematics Laboratory: The Mathematics Laboratory is one of the most advanced and unique facilities of the school. The school has a dedicated Mathematics Department which delves into the greater mysteries of the intriguing and essential subject, learning advanced mathematical concepts with the help of high-end computers, advanced software and facilities, and great teachers.

Physics, Chemistry & Biology Laboratory: Once students are tuned to the General Science Labs, and proceed to the Senior Classes, the specialized Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs do the same function, but, in much greater depth, since they are also designed to take care of the needs of the students for the Board Exams. Experiments in these labs are explained to and done by the students, with care given to intricate details of each of them, so that once imbibed, the details remain in the young minds for future times.