Montessori Wing

Maxim learning System(City Montessorie School, Lucknow)

What is different about Maxim?

  • A visual record of students effort is maintained.
  • Teachers help the students in developing ideas systematically and progress logically between modules.
  • Focus is on understanding the concepts rather that the traditional methodology of learning the things.
  • Time guidelines are given to speed up problem solving in mathematics.
  • Each module is associated with a moral value which is inculcated in the student with the teacher and parents effort.

MAXIM is an entire system of teaching and learning for classes Play group to Class II that views learning as a whole. All of MAXIM processes, assessments, materials and environments lead to the outcomes we want. A confident, competent and caring child empowered with self-knowledge and an intrinsic motivation to succeed. The curriculum is designed by CMS.