Buddha Public School

School Building

The school grasps around ten acres of lush green land. The school has three different blocks–the Primary, the Junior& the Senior with a commodious classroom facility & brilliant amenities. Besides there is one administrative and one residential block as well.

The Administrative Block of the school is a well-planned and spacious building that consists of a vast Reception area and the well-laid out corporate sector that includes the Principal’s office, the Accounts Office, the Administrative Officer’s office & Hi-tech classrooms.

The Residential Block of Buddha Public School has dedicated residential facility with supportive and caring staff who help students develop as healthy, responsible and caring citizens. B.P.S. residence curriculum is based on a tried and tested program with great developmental assets This research-based approach lays a foundation for personal, social and academic growth for each student.

Our student dorms provide the perfect environment for young people to live, learn and grow, within the beautiful surrounds of greenery and loveliness of nature.

The salient features are: